New Friend Friday!! 07/13/18


Yay New Friend Friday!!  I am always excited for these because I feel like everyone can always use a pick me up!  You never know who is having a rough day, week, or month.  So lets pick someone up today, whether it is someone you know or not.  Pay it forward some how, big or small.  😀



Book Wonderland – I feel like this blog reminds me of a beautiful antique shop.  You would just love to look at everything in it and be afraid to break anything.  It’s so pretty.  She writes such lovely reviews and posts. Her personality just jumps right off the blog posts.  Have you been to this blog yet?  If not I highly suggest you do!!


Struggling bookaholic – Classically beautiful, that’s what this blog reminds me of. Everything is so streamlined and perfectly balanced.  She writes a wide array of posts, you can expect anything from a review to a Top Ten post.  I like that she posts what is coming out that month, because I can never keep up!!  Do you follow this blog??  I really think you should pop over and check it out!


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