Codename Romeo (Rogues and Rescuers #1), by Lucy Leroux

4 little moon melted my heart stars!!!


Codename Romeo (Rogues and Rescuers #1)

One FBI agent… one single mother… and a toddler who steals his heart.

All FBI agent Ethan Thomas wants is to come home to his new apartment and enjoy the luxury of his new flat-screen TV and some frozen pizza. Encountering a tiny toddler alone in the hall changes everything for the rough and rugged agent. Relief sets in when the child’s mother appears. But when she collapses at his feet just before a blizzard hits Boston, Ethan is in over his head.

Now, Ethan is changing diapers and playing doctor… and loving every minute of it. The mother and child need a place to stay, and Ethan can’t possibly turn them away. But this investigator knows people—and the woman he’s falling for is keeping secrets. Can he uncover the truth while protecting them from the dangers of his job?


My Review…

This was just too sweet, I just can’t handle it when a tough guy is thrown for a loop by a tiny tot.  It wasn’t exactly a meet cute for Ethan and Juliet but it was sure a adorable meet up for Ethan and Luna.  Ethan thinks he is a total bachelor and lives a bachelor life, I actually think he might have fallen for Luna first.  Its really sweet how Ethan has all these rules and he’s so respectful of Juliet and her space and boundaries.  However he is an FBI agent and he needs to uncover all of the mysteries that is her past and of course that causes tension.

Juliet seems to come off timid in the beginning but I think it might have more to do with her being sick. She is amazingly strong for having gone through what she did and survived as she did.  It was nice watching her come out of her shell with the contractors and even Ethan.  Two of my favorite interactions were when she met Donovan and Viktor.  Also the Gatorade part with Donovan was pretty funny. Of course she has to overcome her past to have a future and I liked seeing her become so much stronger for it.

This was such a sweet story, I fell head over heels for all of the characters.  I don’t think there was a single person I didn’t like.  Is there a book about Viktor? Will there be a book?  I’m excited for the next book I can’t wait for it to come out.


About the Author…

Lucy Leroux

Lucy Leroux is another name for USA Today Bestselling Author L.B. Gilbert.

Seven years ago Lucy moved to France for a one-year research contract. Six months later she was living with a handsome Frenchman and is now happily married to him…and still in France.
When her last contract ended Lucy turned to writing. Frustrated by the lack of quality romance erotica she created her own.

Cursed is the first of many regency novels. Additionally, she writes a bestselling contemporary series. The ‘Singular Obsession’ books are a combination of steamy romance and suspense that feature intertwining characters in their own stand-alone stories. Follow her on twitter @lucythenovelist or

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