Line of Fire (Greenway Range #2), HelenKay Dimon

3 I wanted to love it stars…

Line of Fire

I received a copy of this book for my honest review from NetGalley.

UGH I really wanted to give HelenKay Dimon more stars than 3. I really loved her previous books but this one fell somewhat short for me. The characters who well while thought out came off really naive and stubborn to me. The lack of conversation between the characters was to much for me to handle. I kept reading hoping they would turn the flaws into something to be transformed but no. They don’t communicate the whole way through the book until the end 😦

While I really enjoyed Molly in the previous book her guessing what Jason would want and how to protect them both seems childish in this book. She’s a grown woman who can’t have a conversation with a man she is in love with… Her character is understandably trying to protect herself since Jason was previously self destructive. They have both been through traumatic experiences of course but for some odd reason they think guessing what the other one wants or needs is the answer. There was little to no connection for me to these characters 😦 I also did not enjoy the fact that there was another couple having a love story within this main love story.

Don’t get me wrong I really have enjoyed every HelenKay Dimon book until this one. So maybe this is my dud book with her. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for this book. I will read the next in this series just because I really enjoy the characters overall. I want to see how the next couple turns out.

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